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  • Michala Costello

Coral Street Development

To take something old and breathe life back into it. Polishing the old floorboards so they shine once again. Their scars and scratches providing character and stories from the past families. Kitchens and baths being modernized. If luck has it’s way, the tile is salvageable and carries the charm of yesteryear. Marrying the old with the new to create something special. Taking an old abandoned lot that has become home to glass and garbage over the years and turning it into a new haven for a happy homeowner bursting with pride with what their hard earned money was able to do for them. This is what I love about working with investors.

I had the pleasure of selling yet another one of Red Oak Development’s projects in Fishtown. This quality, design conscious builder has become almost a mainstay in this neighborhood. Building things that are aesthetically complimentary to the surrounding neighborhood. Salvaging where they can, re-purposing other things, and building new where once was rubble. Always conscious of the vibe that he is a part of creating in this growing neighborhood.

There are many pockets in and around Philadelphia that are coming back to life. Helping to keep this city revitalizing and thriving. If you know of any development opportunities or are looking for a quality home to buy, please contact me.

#Philadelphia #Fishtown #Restoration

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