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"Flipping" Hot Philadelphia

Philadelphia Skyline Photo Courtesy of Betsy Barron Photography

Photo: Betsy Barron Photography

I recently shared an article with my clients citing the “hottest" neighborhoods in Philadelphia where home values are set to skyrocket this year. "Why these neighborhoods?" do you ask. One of the main reasons is that the neighborhoods are really profitable for flipping. This Philly.Com article gives some great insight.

While most of my clients that buy properties to flip are builders, I increasingly have home buyers who are looking to get in on the action. They are usually looking at a longer term flip. They buy, renovate the home and then sell it approximately five years later when they are looking for more of a ‘forever home’. That typically comes after a big life change like getting married and/or having babies.

Whether you are an investor, builder or home owner, let me be your real estate guide. I have access to properties the moment they come on the market (sometimes even before), lending specialist and I can help ascertain resale values based on what renovations you are planning.

I can even relay my personal story of flipping our house using the 203k loan. Below is the before and after pictures of the exterior.

Simply contact me to talk about how to get started, or if you are in investor, ask to be put on my property email list.

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