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The Master Bath

As with most Realtors, my schedule varies day by day. I'm usually trying to grab a quick bite between inspections, client showings and on the lucky days, picking the kids up from school. The rare time I get to sit down at my desk and eat lunch, I usually try and catch up on all the industry news. Well, this article by US Inspect about whirlpools probably should have waited to be read until after lunch... consider yourself warned.

But it did make me think (no not about what's growing in my bathtub — I have already ordered another bottle of bleach from Amazon while I'm typing this) about bathtubs in general. I had a friendly debate with a luxury custom home builder earlier this week as we worked on design layouts for his next project. He is seeing a trend of homeowners deleting the tub in the master bath and opting instead, for a luxurious spa shower. Now, obviously the garden corner Jacuzzi whirlpool tubs that were popular in the early 90s are a trend that has passed, thank goodness! But it does beg the question, what about a soaking tub? A stand alone, claw foot deep tub? In our busy lives is the tub being deleted because we don't have time for a soak? When was the last time you utilized your tub?

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