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  • Michala Costello

It's Not Always About Price

We are just officially entering into the Spring market and The Costello Group has already submitted seven offers in two weeks where we were competing against other potential buyers. And all seven offers were accepted! I'm talking South Philly row homes, 3 year old new construction in Northern Libs, and single family homes in Haddonfield. Prices range from $200,000 up to $1,200,000! No matter where our buyers are, inventory is low and every aspect in your offer counts.

A lot of people think it's all about the price, in most cases they are wrong. Long gone are the days of low balling a Seller, that is unless your buyer's aren't serious about the property. In today's tight market you want to make sure you are presenting your best foot forward with your first offer. One offer wasn't the highest offer and another one had three offers all at the same price. So what made the Seller choose our Buyer over the others? Contact us to find out how we work with Buyers to craft offers to present for the highest potential success of being accepted by a Seller.

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