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Small, Agile and Extremely Mighty!

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

These are the adjectives I used to describe my team of four (Small for the typical size real estate team) at our Monday morning meeting. We decided to meet at my house in Haddonfield as I needed to be close to home that day (Agile as we usually meet in our Philadelphia office). The week prior we had submitted 5 offers (all competing bids) and 1 new listing (Mighty as all 5 were accepted!).

The Costello Group covers Chestnut Hill in Philadelphia all the way through the city and over to South Jersey focusing on Haddonfield NJ. I like to tout it as the Urban to 'Burban experience. Many of our clients start out as first time home buyers in the city and then 'move up' buyers when it's time for their children to go to school and they realize they need more space to spread out.

It seems like it may be a lot of ground to cover, but we have a strong and wide network of agents, inspectors, mortgage brokers and other vendors that we have developed relationships with over the years. It's these relationships that help us be successful. We work hard to build not only local relationships, but also expand our Compass network across the US. We have many clients that relocate out of Philadelphia and want to ensure we can provide them with the same level of agent quality that we have given them.

I'm excited to announce we have joined the Coast to Coast network at Compass. This is a powerful group of the highest level of experienced and knowledge real estate agents in the industry. Spanning from CA to NY and many Compass offices in between (Austin, Houston, Nashville, Boulder and many more).

So if you have friends and family that are looking to move, even if it's not within our Philadelphia region, we can recommend phenomenal agents that will take care of you like we do!

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