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  • Michala Costello

Death of the Microwave

Has the microwave met its match? The biggest money-making kitchen feature was the steam oven, wall ovens that pump in steam to cook food in a healthier manner. These netted a 34% sales premium, higher than any other feature. (Marketwatch)

I've never heard of a steam oven until I read this statistic in our daily Compass Contemplation's email so of course I wanted to learn more about this new gadget.

I found this great article that explains the differences between cooking in a microwave vs a steam oven. From the data it seems steam can be a healthier alternative and provide more flavoring, but it's not as quick as the microwave.

I think I'll keep my quick 'heat up my coffee' microwave for now, but this new option has me rethinking the need to add the steam oven to our next kitchen renovation. So the next obvious question is which one to buy? This website blog explores the best steam ovens that are out 2019.

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