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  • Michala Costello

4 Living Room Sofas You Should Try

The living room is a place where you, your family, and friends rest, sit, have chitchat, and share a cup of tea. Because of this, the sofa is often regarded as the centerpiece. And in choosing your sofa, comfort and design is a factor of importance. You should choose well.

Different styles have come across the internet but we have found this blog from Interior Designer, Glenna Stone that showcases her High Point Market Springs finds. And from it, we have some ideas that we would like you to try:

1. Look for Mid-century Modern Influence pieces

It's still a good idea to add a mid-century modern piece to your living room. These pieces will add a classic feel to your home. The earthy colors will give off warm and relaxed vibes that will make you stay more than you should.

2. Add texture

The texture is an element of design. But, on your sofa, it is also an element of comfort. Sometimes, when the feel of velvet in your hands gives you this sense of ease and contentment. You would fall asleep in peace running your hands back and forth through the fabric and creases.

3. Movement

If you are someone who changes their mind often or has a good amount of space to shift places, you might want to consider movable sofa pieces. This is a good idea if you are renting and not sure about the place you are currently living in.

4. Consider Curves

The curve is a function of a good aesthetic. This is a good idea to try especially if you want to add more class and sophistication into your room. Who would not want something that you could brag to your friends?

Let us know which of these you are most likely to try. Take a picture and send it to us.

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