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At Compass, we believe in a few simple things at our core: The power of community. The fundamental need to belong. The importance of everyone finding their place in the world. But with the injustices happening across our country, we know that first, we must make the world a better place. And to do that, we need to first start it here — at home. We are looking inward and determining how we can take action to support Black communities moving forward. To get started, CompassCares has put together a fundraiser for @eji_org and @naacp– click here to donate.

In celebration of Juneteenth, the Compass community had many wonderful reflections and conversations throughout the entire week. Our Diversity Council, @blkcompass and @agents_of_color hosted a panel, “Stand With Us! An Open Discussion on Injustice in the Black Community & How to Initiate Change,” which was incredible. We are thankful for those who have encouraged, inspired and participated in these rich and important discussions all week — it’s a dialogue we hope to continue to have with each other.

We've put together a booklet of resources to support the Black community. Stand With Us!

Download PDF • 770KB

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