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  • Michala Costello

Gray-ish Blue Still Rules

Are you sick of staring at your walls already? We've had some great success stories lately with sellers who put a little love into their home before listing it for sale. The cheapest and easiest way to fluff up your space for photos- PAINT! Even if you DIY, a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color will help sell your home faster. Followed by removing taste-specific curtains to let as much light in as possible (and to show off your new paint job).

Color trends come and go, but one color that is still a buyer favorite- that light, kind of gray kind of blue color. Here's some Big Data to back it up. Softer than bright white but not so colorful that it clashes with anything. Recently, we've seen it on trim and doors, with the walls left creamy white. We've also seen shades of blue on front doors, vanities, and kitchen cabinets, everything from dark navy to light teal. Shades of blue seem to be one thing that almost all buyers agree on. 

For open floor plans, sticking to one color in the whole space makes it feel bigger and helps the flow. Boring? Maybe. Think of it as a clean slate for the next buyer. Save your pops of color for throw pillows and artwork. If you want to spend as little as possible, focus on high traffic areas like the entry, living and kitchen. Or better yet, let Compass Concierge cover the upfront cost for you.

Some of our favorite gray blues:

Behr Slate Rock

Behr Light Drizzle

Behr Silverscreen

Behr French Silver

Behr Painter's White

photo from Pinterest @brandichitty

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