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Starting that bathroom renovation...virtually

With spending so much time in our home this past month I have a notebook full of renovation ideas. They range from changing simple paint colors (my daughter is sick of her pink stripes on her walls) to wanting a finished basement for the kids to play. My guess is you do too. My guess is also that contractors will be very busy once they are allowed to work again. So why not get those projects planned out now and secure your contractor? But where do we even begin putting these renovation ideas into action given the Stay At Home orders? That's where Glenna Stone Interior Design comes into play. They offer three ways to start planning your projects.....virtually.

  1. Full service virtual interior design; this will help me with my basement project. This entails everything from coordinating with your architect and builder on plans to customizing a design with furniture, lighting, rugs, and window treatments sourced directly from our high quality vendors. Think Zoom meetings and mailing sample bundles. Who wouldn't want to get this cute sample bundle in the mail?

2. Room packages; this is what I need for changing my daughter's room from pink & princess to more grown up. This package includes a furniture layout, room board, and shopping list. I mean I love to browse Wayfair but I would end up with two blue throw pillows that clash with bedspread and a random unicorn lamp.

3. Consultations; And finally my office that has been used as a storage area for the past year needs some love. Design consultations are perfect for clients who need help with certain aspects of design, like furniture arrangement, paint selection or sourcing artwork.

Planning a room renovation or re-design takes time. I can only image how many people are doing this right now. Why not have your plans ready to submit to a builder so when construction can start you are ready to roll!

Now the good stuff, here's how it all works!

You can contact Glenna Stone by emailing her and her team here or by calling their office at 215.995.2194. Check out her Instagram page for some great inspiration!

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